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Concept Numérique Inc. was founded in 2006 by Denis Dickner. It is the fruit of its founder’s passion for computers and electronics. It offers computer services ranging from the development of custom applications to the creation of programs for their products.

However, it is its flagship product that makes it a remarkable company in the Quebec IT landscape. In fact, Concept Numérique is the creator of Kalliope ultra-resistant industrial digital tablets. Created in 2009, Kalliope tablets have the particularity of being able to be used in hostile environments. Resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures or harsh conditions, they meet the needs of employees on construction sites or in factories.

Customer-oriented, Concept Numérique focuses on research and development in order to always meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Thus, in 11 years, 11 different versions have seen the light of day. Several derivatives of this tablet are on sale today. Kalliope is available in 4 versions: 6 inches (KM6), 7 inches (KM7), 8 inches (KM8) and 10 inches (KM10), so far.

Thanks to this product, the company is well known on social networks and in specialized newspapers. But it is above all its participation in the CES in Las Vegas two years in a row that gave the company fantastic visibility in America, Africa and Europe. Thanks to this, customers from all over the world buy Kalliope tablets.

With a vision resolutely turned towards the future, Concept Numérique is today ready to solidify its opening towards the international market more and more.

Designer of the only tablets to be developed in a country accustomed to extreme working conditions, Kalliope industrial tablets are the perfect answer to the challenges of workers working in difficult environments.

Thanks to their long battery life, unparalleled robustness and affordable price, they are the ideal tool for organizations that want to increase the mobility and productivity of their field workers, whether in industry, defense, telecommunications or natural resources.

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