Activity sectors

Crédit photo à Meglab ( Photo prise dans la Mine d’Eldorado Gold à Val D’or. )

Ore sector

Our Kalliope KM7 and KM8 tablets are popular in the mines for their ruggedness, adaptation to changing temperatures and battery life. You and your software can go about your business all day long. Compatible with your LTE network.


On the field

Whether you need to inspect your equipment, manage your personnel, do your meter readings or do some mapping, we surely have the model you are waiting for, if not, let’s see together if we can do it. Our Kalliope tablets are much appreciated for everyday tasks and for your daily workers. SARP Véolia in France greatly appreciates their autonomy, among others.


You want to manage your fleets? The ones that fly, float and roll. Tell us about your projects and we will be able to suggest the right product and its support to put in your vehicles or at the size of your employees in the field.

Wood sector

You wish to manage your trucks for the transport of wood, your inventories of natural resources and your road or time sheets, we have a shelf adapted to your needs.


You would like to manage the timesheets of your men in real time, you would like your teams to be able to communicate with each other, in order to save time and travel? You still haven’t had a good performance on the construction site with consumer tablets? A trial will convince you.

Production company

Your sector is vast and complex, encompassing an entire industry; production, manufacturing, assembly line, maintenance, etc. To follow your people in the factory, to plan and follow the evolution of the manufacturing, orders, reception and shipping. To maintain your equipment. To follow from the entrance door to the exit door what is going on inside your walls? We have a device that will be adapted to your business reality.

public security

To meet your safety criteria, to guide you in your travels, to respond quickly to your calls and emergencies and to withstand your interventions in the field. Confidentiality is a value for us.

Contact us

To find out more or to talk to us about your mobility projects, contact us so that we can guide you and work with you to facilitate integration into your organization, because the future of business is mobile.