Kalliope tablet – KM7

Description :

Our Kalliope 7″ model shelf is easy to hold with its specially designed strap on the back. With its sturdy touch screen for better navigation, it gives you the lighting you need depending on whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

– With Android operating system.
– 20 hours and more of continuous autonomy.

Our models of kalliope tablets


Our Kalliope tablet model 6 inches is compact and easy to handle this one is surely the right option to be able to talk in the factory with your colleagues, or to find your way around in this one …


Our Kalliope tablet model 8 inches, allows you a slightly larger screen, its grip is easy to hold with its back strap. Even if you work outdoors with gloves, it has a small handle for easy handling and …


Our Kalliope tablet model 10 inches, is the last one, we had a big demand for a bigger size, so here it is. With its titanium alloy case, it will resist to the shock …


Our Kalliope tablet model 10 inch fixed, is a special request that has become a must for some customers. As we are the …

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