Our users

We don’t work for our users, we collaborate with them. Together, we contribute to the ecological and social transition of the industrial environment. All of our users benefit from our responsiveness (response within 24 hours) and our commitment to listening to and meeting their needs.

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Mining industry

Our Kalliope KM7 tablet is very appreciated in the mines for its robustness, its adaptability to changing temperatures and its battery life. You will be able to go about your business all day long with your software. Compatible with your LTE network.

Transport and logistics

Our tablets facilitate communication with your employees: you can insert a new work order in real time which will automatically be added to their existing list. Your employees can then continue to listen to music or follow their route thanks to the integrated GPS.

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Do you want to manage your trucks for the transport of wood? Your inventories of natural resources, your routes and time sheets? We have a tablet adapted to your needs.

Need to rely on accurate GPS positioning? Our tablets provide you with precision to the nearest meter, and optionally thanks to an RTK module, to the nearest centimeter.


Do you want to predict and monitor the progress of manufacturing, orders, receipt and shipment of goods? Thanks to the 1D and 2D barcode reader of our tablets, you can manage your supply chain logistics with complete peace of mind.

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Industrial maintenance

Are you looking for ways to prevent breakage and production stoppages? With our tablets that your employees have in hand or on their belt at all times, they stay mobile and alert to what is happening in their work environment.

Public safety

Our tablets meet your safety criteria to guide you in your travels faster than using radio frequencies, as well as to withstand extreme field intervention conditions (-20℃ to 60℃) . Confidentiality is a fundamental value for us.

What we hear from our customers

The tablet makes it possible to follow the movements of the trucks and to find them. One day, I stopped at a convenience store and the truck was stolen. Thanks to the tablet left inside it, we were able to find the truck and its contents.

– A building contractor

Concept Numérique’s tablets take the stress away. It allows you to do more than put out fires/manage emergencies. It allows you to put skills and abilities in the right place.

– A firefighter

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