Kalliope tablets

All our tablets are IP67, submersible in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. They are certified to US military standard MIL-810-G for drop and vibration testing. Their housings are dust and sand resistant. They can withstand cold down to -20 degrees Celsius and heat up to 60 degrees Celsius. Their battery life is exceptional, this will allow you to work between 10 and 25 hours continuously, depending on the model. Our tablets can also be used as a phone with a SIM card. They will be delivered to you with all their accessories.

All our tablets are recyclable and Industry Canada certified (IC-23697): this guarantees that they meet Canadian standards for radio frequency emissions on humans.


Kalliope tablet models (from $1299 to $3500)


The KM10W is our industrial Windows model which will be available at the beginning of 2024. Reserving the KM10W allows you to obtain a model as soon as possible and keep your priority on our waiting list. Concept Numérique Inc. will contact you to confirm your preferences for model, version and option to complete your order as the delivery date approaches.


Our Kalliope 6-inch model is compact and easy to handle. This is surely the best option for talking in the factory with your colleagues, finding your way around, scanning your inventory with its 1D and 2D barcode reader and calling your suppliers.

(See specs for details)

KM7 photo


Our Kalliope 7-inch model is easy to hold with its specially designed strap on the back. With its sturdy touch screen for better navigation, it gives you the lighting you need depending on whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

(See specs for details)


Our Kalliope 8-inch model tablet allows you a slightly larger screen. Its handling is facilitated with its grip on the back. Even if you’re working outdoors with gloves on, it has buttons on the top for easy navigation. With its 1D and 2D barcode reader and its RFID, you can read your barcodes and your RFID cards more easily and quickly.

(See specs for details)


Our Kalliope 10-inch model is the newest one. We had a big demand for a bigger size. With its titanium alloy case, it is shockproof, despite its size and slimmed down look. Also approved for CAUCA’s SURVI-Vehicle for emergency units, it is safe and easy to use in emergency vehicles or in the warehouse.

(See specs for details)



Our Kalliope 10-inch fixed model is a special request that has become a must for some customers. As we are the designers, we can adapt all our products or create custom ones for you.


Public Safety Packages

Product sets specially offered for public safety workers.


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Accessories for Kalliope tablets

Consumable accessories

Storage and charging accessories

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Vehicle accessories

Products in development


Optional upon purchase, for our KM7 model,
a laser scanner.


KM10 model with
Windows OS


Optional on purchase, for our KM10 model, an integrated infrared thermometer.

What we hear from our customers 

I’m mobile, I can walk around in the field, hear and feel what’s going on and thus prevent machine or equipment breakdowns that could prove very costly for the company.

Despite our overseas collaboration, we have the impression that you serve us from the city next door!

Listening to our customers: the source of our constant evolution

From the very beginning we have been constantly innovating. We are in a volatile, competitive and continuously growing sector. We make it a point of honor to progress at the same rhythm as this innovative technology.

Innovating responsibly to make our customers’ dreams and projects a reality is in our DNA.

We train continuously, travel around the world in search of recyclable materials and parts, to create durable products that are always ultra-resistant. Our passion and our mission: to evolve with you, for you and for the planet.

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